Thursday, 19 May 2011

The Whacky side of Quizzing !

Hello folks ! Welcome to Quizzcentric -the whackiest quiz blog on the planet !( Gosh! i know you are gonna kill me for this, Sid..) Well, i could not think of any better introductions,so there it was.Among the warlords of Indian quizzing,we are just two f*&^#ing noobs,trying to figure out a bit of quizzing for ourselves.And as Rosy Maam used to teach us in 3rd B,(i don't remember that quite well..but still,that's the theory) asking questions could be a f'ing good way of learning(she didn't quite use that language,you know..).So here we are,putting the whackiest of quiz questions to you,hoping that you honchos out there could give us the answer(be sure of the answers,coz we ain't gonna be..)Enough of this bullshit,right..? Lets Quiz...

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