Tuesday, 7 June 2011

16) " Take that...and that..."

Can't keep myself away from football....ehem...it's actually football,although the pic could suggest otherwise.The gentleman in the pic is known for his dribbling skills (one of my favorites) rather than his kung-fu.So Id the chap and the whole funda...

Answer (Click to reveal !)


  1. Eric Cantona...and d pic is that of his infamous 'kungfu kick' at a spectator during a match at Selhurst Park back in 1995, resulted in the Manchester United forward receiving an eight-month ban and a £30,000 fine.

  2. Eric Cantona launches his infamous attack on Crystal Palace fan Matthew Simmons..

  3. That is infact Cantona...Temper always on the shorter side,but never the talent or skill.He came back a reformed man from the ban and helped secure Man-U the premiership.


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