Wednesday, 1 June 2011

9) Nondualism...

Simple one for the day.

Just Id these gentlemen for me and give the connection.The connect would suffice infact...

Answer:  The persons from top to bottom are J.Edgar Hoover,Tobias Wolff, Frank William Abagnale jr. and Howard Hughes.All except Hoover are real life characters already portrayed by Leonardo Dicaprio,Hoover being his latest project in the movie named 'J. Edgar',directed by Clint Eastwood, due to be released on the 14th of Dec. this year.


  1. well from top to bottom- edgar hoover,tobias wolff, Frank Abagnale, and Howard Hughes- these are real-life biopic roles played/to be played by Leonardo DiCaprio..Leonardo DiCaprio is d connect

  2. pic1-j.edgar hoover..
    tineye gives pic3 as frank abagnale jr.,the escape a the connect real life characters played by Leonardo diCaprio??

  3. google says 4th pic is Howard Hughes, the inspiration for aviator..acted again by diCaprio..

  4. 2nd guy...jim carroll??


So what is it..?