Thursday, 2 June 2011

"The Weekly Quiz sets "

We know that the questions that we post have been few and far between,much like the distribution of our marks in an internals (i meant my marks,Sid is studious...) And,the stats of the blog has not really exploded,much to our bewilderment.We were actually making plans of acquiring Facebook next week and Google,the week after,but our plans have been dented severely.We thought of revamping the team,then realized there are only two of us,so left that idea.Hence,we are putting forward ,an ingenious,'path breaking' idea,which has not been launched by anybody(except for..lets say...250 odd quiz blogs in India..that's not a huge number...its kinda new..). Yes, we are officially starting to post Weekly Quiz Sets-Powerpoint presentations on different disciplines which can be viewed and downloaded.These will help you to organize quizzes on various levels,and thereby uphold and cherish this great hobby   ( God ! i'm getting serious here...)

So,please feel free to utilise it,and drop in  your feedback as comments or email at or

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