Wednesday, 6 July 2011

53) " learning values..? "

Evidently, X is just a piece of paper.But,on terms of being a device that helps register our anguish and refusal to participate in bribery,X has been path breaking.X was unveiled in India by Y,a non profit organization in 2007.Since then,learned people acquainted with X has made good use of it,when faced with a demand of bribe.The concept of X is credited to Satinder Mohan Bhagat,an Indian expatriate who is currently a professor of physics at University Of Maryland.The concept,has so far been adopted in two other countries,Nepal and Mexico.
Identify X and Y.

PS-This question is a tribute to all the Indian politicians and bureaucrats,like A.Raja and Suresh kalmadi,  who have been lucky enough to experience the warmth and hospitality of Tihar Jail.The services that they have rendered have been exemplary and all credits to India's position in the World Corruption Index goes to them.I hope that their counterparts and accomplices, out  there in the open, keep up the good work and help us achieve lower positions in the corruption index,while their minions,ie, 'us,the people' continue to look forward to 'Yoga babas' for justice . Incredible India !

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  1. X is the zero rupee note and Y is fifth Pillar


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