Sunday, 3 July 2011

All Answers Updated !

In Malayalam,there's this proverb,which roughly translates to "A lazy guy shall carry the mountain on his shoulders".Well,i'm not quite sure if 'mountain' does justice to the proverb,you know,it's more of a hill...And 'on his shoulders' thing is kinda my ad lib.The proverb actually leaves the modus operandi to the slacker.It need not be shoulders,he/she could even DHL it(which's something that we would prefer)..Anyway,i'm sure you got the point..We just spent a fine Sunday updating all the answers from QNo. 15,when a host of pleasurable activities which includes but are not limited to watching 'Delhi Belly' would've been infinitely more interesting.But we've been piling up this shit for quite some time now,partly due to our complacency and partly 'coz we did not want anybody to miss out on an opportunity to answer ! (guffaw !!)And,after all of it was done,we thought of givin' it a new look,kinda like having a nice shower after a hard day's work.So,that explains the new template.I guess all of you guys reading the blog,would love it !(this is the obligatory sentence i'd to say..) Anyways,i wonder how the old guys got so wise...i mean..we have internet,microsoft,lhc's and all that shit.And all we've managed to come up with is "facebook me",while they had a lot more meaningful things to say..Today for instance..Holy Geez..the slacker does carry the mountain.We,for one,certainly have realized it ! On that serious note,adieu...

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